Recycling in student residences is challenging.

Many students are from out-of-town, some have never recycled before, and some just need encouragement. Recycle Coach Academy can help.

Recycle Coach Academy

Recycle Coach Academy is a new approach to recycling education, developed to address the recycling industry’s biggest problems – contamination and recycling in multi-unit dwellings. An online learning platform, at its core are proven principles of education and behavioral theory designed to create and encourage long-lasting behavior change for improved recycling outcomes.



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Working with your municipality

Gain insights on how municipalities and universities can work together to improve recycling outcomes.

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Students holding books and cardboard moving boxes

Client Success Story: Communicating with students

These days, colleges and college towns often find themselves taking on a parenting role when it comes to responsible waste management. The good news is that with the right guidance and tools, today’s college students are an intensely passionate and socially-conscious group of young people who welcome the challenge.

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Young adult female holding a green recycling bin with plastic bottles

Blog: How do college students really feel about recycling?

Today’s young people have grown up with a sense of global awareness about sustainability and the importance of green living. The downside is that students still aren’t recycling as much as they should. Most of the barriers to recycling for students are much the same as everyone else’s. Find out the 5 key issues inhibiting student recycling.

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Female college student dropping an empty plastic water bottle into a blue recycling bin

Blog: Engaging college students in municipal recycling programs

Running a municipal recycling awareness program is always a challenge. Perhaps it’s time to focus some attention on the colleges and universities in your area and engage college students in municipal recycling programs. Here are several reasons why you should consider developing some initiatives in that area.

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Two college students carrying bags and boxes

Blog: How to turn orientation into opportunity

The last thing you want to do is think ahead to the new school year ahead, when a fresh batch of college students come pouring in. But the autumn orientation season can set the tone for your next calendar year and getting ahead of it now to turn orientation into opportunity can mean the difference between a stressful job and a much, much easier one.

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