If we’ve learned anything, it’s that you can’t generalize.

Many older residents embrace technology, and many younger ones still prefer a printed calendar. That’s why Recycle Coach allows residents to access recycling information using whatever method they prefer. All of them are powered by a single database that we set-up for you.

Google Home device with a speech bubble above it saying 'OK Google, ask Recycle Coach if I can recycle an aerosol can'

Digital Assistants

The introduction of digital assistants – and soon, personal assistants – is a watershed moment in access to information that some are calling the biggest advance since the introduction of the internet. For municipalities that are ready, the results can have an enormously positive effect on recycling and contamination rates. Getting ready means making sure that your municipality controls the data your residents receive.

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Recycle Coach's Facebook messenger chatbot for what goes where search

Facebook Chatbot

Chatbots are here! Included with the Engage package, the Recycle Coach Facebook chatbot is friendly, a good conversationalist and it can provide your residents with ‘What Goes Where? information for any item. On Facebook, use the message feature to invite the chatbot using the “@recyclecoach” command. Then start a conversation with something like “Hi”.

Screenshot of a Facebook web app on a client's Facebook page

Facebook Web App

As residents – particularly younger adults – rely more and more on social media for news and information, municipalities must adapt if they want to maintain their influence over recycling. The Facebook web app allows the 62% of Americans who report getting their news from social media to sign up for holiday reminders or search for recycling instructions. Implementation is easy – we’ll walk you through it. The Facebook app is included in all packages.

Recycle Coach mobile app on an iPad and Smartphone

Mobile App

The Recycle Coach app is included in all packages, and provides residents with instant access to Recycle Coach features from their mobile phone or tablet. It can be downloaded for free from the app store.

Screenshot of a web app on a client's website

Web App

The web app, sometimes called a widget or plug-in, is easily added to your municipal website; there’s only minimal specialized knowledge needed. It can be customized to meet your branding requirements, and it offers residents fast and easy access to all the features your package offers. The web app is included in all packages.

Recycle Coach website showing all trash and recycling information for a municipality

Recycle Coach Website

The Recycle Coach website is an important aspect in the referral network. It’s provides a dedicated page for your municipality where residents who have heard about Recycle Coach features can come to find out more, and become a subscriber.

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