Reaching Goals

Meeting state recycling targets is often challenging, but recycling education technology makes it easy for various levels of government to work together towards a common goal.



Communication represented by a hand holding a smartphone with the Recycle Coach app, in a blurred background with many people

Reach more residents

The Recycle Coach referral network connects you with more of your residents, faster. Spread the word about new initiatives, programs, and targets.

People using a variety of platforms such as a laptop, smartphone, and iPad to self-teach


Recycle Coach engages residents in recycling with self-service tools they love, through whatever technology fits their lifestyle.

Governments working together represented by a map of the USA connected by pins and string

Working together

Recycle Coach’s back end admin system allows each layer of government to access and edit the information they are responsible for. It’s all seamless for residents – they only see the consolidated program details.

Fully customizable platforms represented by colored pencils

Fully customizable

We can tailor a solution to fit your needs, whether it be a focus on certain waste streams, drop-off locations, or an initiative directed at specific segments – such as single family, multi-residential or commercial.