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Voice search and chatbots are the ‘next big thing’. But as residents transition away from websites and apps for recycling information, it’s critical local governments take steps to make their local program information discoverable.

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Keep residents in both franchise and subscription markets informed and on schedule. Recycle Coach offers branding options and can be configured so that each municipality or area gets the features you want them to have – free or premium.

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State Governments

Recycle Coach technology is scalable to allow multiple levels of government to each maintain the program information they are responsible for, to provide a seamless experience for residents.

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Higher Education

Recycle Coach Academy is a modern approach to recycling education that can be applied to on-campus housing. It is particularly valuable in assisting young adults learn about recycling in a new municipality.

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Property Management

Improper recycling costs landlords, property managers and condominium boards millions of dollars every year. Recycle Coach Academy works to educate and encourage tenants and owners to be better recyclers.

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Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability is important to us all.  Recycle Coach Academy is a customizable online learning platform that teaches employees how to be a better recycler on the job, and in the community.

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