Total users report example

Reach more residents

Communicate with residents by using their favourite platforms. See what they are using the most: Mobile app, web app, Facebook app, or the Recycle Coach website. See how many residents are engaged with your program by tracking how many residents are using the software.

Resident interactions report example

Resident engagement

Get stats on how many reminders and notifications are sent, problem reports received, calendar downloads and exports, and quiz completed. See how residents use the app. We break down the numbers so you can find better ways to strengthen engagement and education.

New subscribers growth shown in a chart example

Track new subscribers

When a resident subscribes to you, they open the door to a relationship. When you provide them with information that is valuable to them, you build trust, which gives you the power to influence recycling habits. Recycle Coach’s reports lets you easily track new subscribers and watch your total subscriber list grow.

Reduce contamination

Fill knowledge gaps by finding out what items your residents are searching for, including the most popular items for your municipality. Use this data to help you create educational materials to reduce confusion that lead to contamination.

Example of an email summarizing the report

Monthly reports

Every month, we send an easy-to-read app report for the previous month, directly to your email. It’s the easiest way to keep track of how your residents are using Recycle Coach. All analytics are accessible 24/7 through the Admin Panel, too.

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