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Recycle Coach maximizes the performance of your recycling efforts by harnessing the combined power of smartphone and web-based technologies, the principles of learning, and behavioral theory. Our total solution focuses on three key areas to deliver unrivaled results:

  • Engagement
  • Impact
  • Gamification


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We know that engagement has a direct impact on the effort a resident is willing to put into recycling, which is why Recycle Coach’s Engage and Educate packages are designed specifically to boost exposure and remove barriers to participation.

Residents using Recycle Coach are motivated to do the right thing by having access to technologies that make finding information on recycling, as well as how and when to participate, simple and convenient.

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In order to achieve behavior change that is meaningful and long-lasting, we have created Recycle Coach Academy, the industry’s first recycling education platform completely customizable to your recycling requirements.

Convenient bite-sized lessons make learning about recycling fun, simple, and effective. Our graduated lesson plan engages residents in learning simple behaviors first, and challenges them to learn more complex behaviors as the lessons progress.

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We’ve worked with a top educational institution to help develop a system of game mechanics to encourage prolonged and repeated usage of Recycle Coach Academy, maximizing engagement and impact.

Gamification plays an important role in Recycle Coach Academy, and is our key focus for future development. Contact us to learn more.

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