Engage Package

Voice search, chatbots and digital assistants are easier than traditional web tools; small wonder they’re set to make websites and apps obsolete. Now is the time to future-proof your recycling outreach and education program by making sure the information your residents get, is information that you’re authenticating.

Engage Package includes everything in the Inform Package, plus:

Highlight Star

Highlights for Residents:

  • Easy access to recycling information
  • Voice search using digital assistants
  • Learn about recycling
  • Have fun - take the quiz!
  • Find out depot locations
  • Share with your friends
Highlight Star

Highlights for Municipalities:

  • Authenticate program information
  • Educate residents
  • Send emergency notifications
  • Better event attendance
  • Integrate with existing technology
  • Save time and money
Population # of messages Annual Fee
Under 100K Unlimited $2,000 + 30¢ per household
100K+ Unlimited $10,000 + 5¢ per household

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there advertising or do you sell resident information?
No. There is no advertising and we do not sell any personal information.
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Who maintains the ‘What Goes Where?’ database?
We do.
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What do we have to do for the set-up?
Not much. Our implementation team does the set-up.
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How long are we locked in for? Can we change packages?
You’re never locked in. Renew annually, change your package whenever you wish, cancel anytime.

What about analytics, hosting, security, privacy, accessibility and integrating with other technology?
We take seriously the trust that thousands of municipalities place in us, and understand what you expect of us.
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We also design custom programs for counties, haulers, state governments, universities, property management, and corporate sustainability initiatives.