Recycle Coach’s education technology saves haulers time and money with self-service options residents can access using the technology that best suits their lifestyle.  Features can be customized for each market – franchise or subscription – and there are virtually no burdensome home office costs.



Phone showing a collection schedule with a holiday change for one week

Personalized pick-up schedules

Provide residents with their own personalized pick-up schedule. Franchise or subscription markets. We don’t charge haulers for schedules – they’re free.

How can it be free?

iPhone showing reminder options

Pick-up reminders

Pick-up reminders allow residents to get a reminder about their collection day, with a wide range of customization options. This feature is also free for haulers.

Collection change notice example

Holiday change reminders

Holiday weeks are often a confusing time for residents.  Recycle Coach sends two reminders when there is holiday change.  The first one let’s the resident know there is no collection on the regular day; the second one alerts them about the rescheduled pick-up. These are free for haulers, too.

Christmas tree

Seasonal collections

For seasonal collections such as yard waste or Christmas tree pick-up, residents receive a special reminder to let them know about the first and last pick-up of the season. Yes, these are free too.

Event notification example


Send real time emergency and non-emergency notifications – even target them to a specific route, if necessary. Attached recycling tips to the reminders residents receive.

Girl using her phone in front of uncollected garbage and recycling, saying 'It's so convenient to report my missed collection using this app'

Missed collections

Over 40% of Americans prefer using online reporting tools vs. phoning it in. Our real time online reporting tool lets you know instantly if there’s a problem.

Handing holding a phone showing What Goes Where? results in front of recycling and waste bins

What Goes Where?

Help educate residents about what can be recycled and what should be disposed of. Provide proper preparation and set-out procedures.

Laptop saying 'Recycle Coach Academy' on a desk

Recycle Coach Academy

Take advantage of our new next generation online learning platform that is specifically developed to address contamination issues in multi-unit dwellings.

Flexible pencil representing flexible set-up

Flexible set-up

We know every contract is different. Recycle Coach allows you to choose which features you want to provide to each municipality.

Thumbs up to represent easy setup

Easy set-up

To make sure the schedule changes are communicated accurately; the collection schedules are set-up and maintained by our staff.

This has been a great, useful tool for us, our residents and our waste hauler!

Shannon Meister
Education Coordinator

Council Bluffs Recycling Center, Iowa

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