Searching for waste and recycling information just got easier.

We believe voice is the future of search. That’s why we’ve created the industry’s first waste and recycling database fully accessible by voice.

With the introduction of the Recycle Coach Skill for Amazon Alexa and Action for Google Assistant, you can get localized disposal information for thousands of common, and not so common, household items easily and conveniently by voice.

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Getting started on Amazon Alexa.

Set up is simple. For Amazon Alexa, follow the instructions HERE for enabling the Recycle Coach skill on your Alexa-enabled device.

Once you have the skill enabled, try asking Alexa your waste and recycling questions by saying things like:

“Alexa, ask Recycle Coach, if clear plastic containers are recyclable?”

“Alexa, ask Recycle Coach, what do I with used Keurig pods?”

“Alexa, ask Recycle Coach, do pizza boxes go in the garbage?”


Getting started on Google Assistant.

Using the Recycle Coach action for Google Assistant is as easy as saying “Okay Google, talk to Recycle Coach.”

Once you invoke the Recycle Coach action on compatible devices including Google Home, Home Mini, Home Max, and Google Assistant apps for Android and iOS, simply ask about how to dispose of items for localized disposal information.

Here are examples of how to search for information on household items:

“Okay Google, ask Recycle Coach if I can put aerosol cans in the garbage?”

“Okay Google, ask Recycle Coach, where do shampoo bottles go?”

“Okay Google, ask Recycle Coach, how to get rid of a cast iron tub?”

More to come in 2018.

In 2018, we’ll be adding even more capabilities to our voice apps for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, including:

  • Drop-off depot information
  • Collection schedule and event notifications
  • Collection requirements

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