Technology integration

Keeping up to date with communication platforms is a big part of how we help municipalities. It’s especially important now as voice search and digital assistants are expected to take over from websites and apps.

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What Goes Where?

The ‘What Goes Where?’ search tool is the workhorse of your educational program. It reduces phone calls and ensures residents have access to your program information, even when they are not visiting your website.

‘What happens next?’

Following an object through its journey to the landfill or into its new life as a recycled product helps residents feel more invested in doing their part, and more receptive to learning.

What type of recycler are you?

The ‘What type of recycler are you?’ quiz is far more than an interesting diversion for residents. It encourages residents to question their recycling knowledge; and leads to greater recycling engagement.

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Personalized calendars

Reduce phone calls with personalized collection calendars that residents can access in the format that best suits their lifestyle – online, app, or even print!


Reminders make life simpler for residents, especially when there are holiday changes. We offer the industry’s most advanced reminder system.

Reminder messages

Start educating residents with simple recycling tips, seasonal messages, and event reminders that can be added to the reminders that residents receive.

Emergency notifications

When bad weather or other situations occur, residents appreciate real-time messages to let them know what’s happening.  Target the specific zones that are affected.

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The most impact it has had on my job is that it has relieved a lot of phone calls to my office as well as other departments. This feature came in really handy last year when they could not finish a route because the weather had turned bad. I was able to notify the quadrant letting them know which streets could not be done that day.

Karen Day
Operations Specialist

Blacksburg, Virginia

Non-emergency notifications

Boost event attendance, let residents know about upcoming consultations or program changes, address contamination issues, and more.

Report a missed collection

Communication is a two-way street. When you give residents the opportunity to contact you, they tend to align more with you and have higher levels of satisfaction. Report-a-Problem can be used as a stand-alone, or easily integrated into your existing 311 system.

Educational blogs

Our popular blog articles help residents maximize their waste diversion, with topics such as “Is broken glass recyclable?” and “5 crafty ideas to get rid of unwanted stuff”.