What Goes Where? Search Tool

The What Goes Where? search tool contains the largest materials database in the business, and it’s always growing. Your community members can find local disposal information for thousands of common and not-so-common household items. And since it’s platform agnostic, residents can access what they need when they need it—even when they’re not visiting your website.

Educational Blogs

Our blog articles are informed by the most pressing waste and recycling questions your residents have. With data-driven content, we address real issues that impact your solid waste management program—like whether pizza boxes are recyclable or not. In doing so, we make a real impact on your community’s recycling know-how.

Recycling Quiz

Our What Type of Recycler Are You? quiz rounds out our suite of educational tools with questions about waste and recycling. Once it’s completed, quiz results are delivered straight to your residents’ email inbox, encouraging them to make smarter disposal decisions.

Technology Integration

We keep municipalities plugged in to the most recent developments in communications technology. Integrating voice search and digital assistants with our platform is just one example of this. 

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Personalized Calendars

Give residents the power of choice with personalized collection calendars over desktop and mobile. With scheduling information at their fingertips, your community will always be prepared for their next collection day.

Reminder System

Connect with residents to let them know about holiday changes to their collection service. We offer the industry’s most advanced reminder system.

Emergency Notifications

Send real-time messages to communicate with residents during extreme weather events. Target specific zones that are affected.

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The most impact it has had on my job is that it has relieved a lot of phone calls to my office as well as other departments. This feature came in really handy last year when they could not finish a route because the weather had turned bad. I was able to notify the quadrant letting them know which streets could not be done that day.

Karen Day
Operations Specialist

Blacksburg, Virginia

Non-Emergency Notifications

Take advantage of our notifications system to amplify your public outreach efforts. Promote events, keep residents in the loop about program changes, address contamination issues, and much more.

Report-a-Problem With Collections

Equip your residents with tools to help them play a more active role in your community. We provide you with a handy report-a-problem feature for any missed curbside collections to complement your existing reporting features.