Note: For new sign ups only. 

Step 1: Click here to sign up before December 31, 2017.
You will be contacted by Recycle Coach to discuss next steps.

Step 2: Add the web app to your website before December 31, 2017. Your Customer Success Coach will recommend the best location(s) to place the web app.

Step 3: Tell us whether you’d like a Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot and we’ll send it out – absolutely free!


How can it be free? 

We are committed to growing the Recycle Coach Network!

People today aren’t using websites, they’re using networks – similar to how people would go to Uber for ride sharing, to find a hotel, or Spotify to listen to music. Like Recycle Coach, these companies do little-to-no advertising because word-of-mouth sharing is all their networks need.

With the Recycle Coach Network, municipalities start by sharing the program with residents. With more people sharing, the network grows and more municipalities sign up. As a result, the recycling impact becomes more significant, costs for recycling programs drop, and more data is collected to better understand how residents recycle. It’s the easiest and faster way to make recycling a reality in your municipality. 

See how the Recycle Coach Network works:
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* No purchase necessary.

** Offer open to everyone in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. EXCEPT municipalities in the State of New Jersey as we are currently in the process of implementing a state-wide program that includes the Engage package for all municipalities.

*** Maximum of five (5) devices per person.

**** Limited time only.