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Blacksburg, Virginia had a problem: ongoing major construction was disrupting traffic and affecting recycling and waste collection across the city. This problem was compounded by the fact that more than half of Blacksburg’s population (just over 42,600) are Virginia Tech students, resulting in a whopping 25,000 young people moving in and out of town every year. Communicating the latest construction-related delays and schedule changes was hard enough, but with such a transitory population, the issue was beyond critical.

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In 2014, they adopted the My Waste app by Recycle Coach to help bridge the communication gap and ensure their residents stayed ahead of the changes. The notification system helps keep residents compliant by reminding them when it’s time for regular collection, or letting them know when a special collection event is about to occur.


Karen Day, Operations Specialist for the Town of Blacksburg, tells us the app has had a significant, daily impact on her job. Not only has the app relieved a lot of phone calls to her office (and to other departments), but, she says, “Residents can now look up very easily on their phones or computers what can and cannot be recycled. Or how to dispose of a certain waste.”

The ability to target messaging to individual districts and to send out last minute service alerts has also helped the town. “This feature came in really handy last year when they could not finish a route because the weather had turned bad,” Ms. Day says. “I was able to notify the quadrant to let them know which streets could not be done that day. I am very pleased with the My Waste and their staff.”


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