Mercer County, NJ



New Jersey’s Electronics Waste Management Act, which came into effect in January 2010, mandated free recycling programs for e-waste producers. Subsequent changes to the bill meant individual counties had to educate residents, which proved costly and time consuming. With yet more amendments making the rounds in the legislature, Mercer County was looking for a way to reduce costs and find a more effective way to communicate policy changes.

Printers and computers, stacked on top of each other


Mercer County adopted My Waste, an online and mobile application by Recycle Coach, which allows them to communicate with residents directly and educate them about e-waste policy changes in real time. Residents may also choose to receive schedule notifications, alerting them to e-waste collection events and locations in their area.


Thanks to Recycle Coach’s technology, Mercer County has been able to reach more residents and communicate changes more effectively than in the past. They have reduced the costs and effort associated with print media advertising, and attendance at e-waste collection events has increased by 10 percent.

  • Reduced print media
  • Reach more residents using My Waste app
  • Increased attendance at e-waste events


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