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The City of Tucson runs on a diversified communications strategy, utilizing a broad range of tools to get recycling information to their constituents. With the launch of a new expanded plastics recycling initiative, they were having particular problems reaching their Hispanic residents, who tend to connect through their smart phones, not through home computers.

Hispanic girl on the phone


With My Waste, an online and mobile application by Recycle Coach, Tucson now offers residents the ability to get specific details about their local recycling program – in seconds – via web, mobile app, email and text notifications. In addition, residents now have the ability to report issues to the City, such as overflowing public garbage cans, illegal dumping, and bin replacement requests.


Tucson is now more connected with an otherwise hard to reach part of the community, and they are particularly pleased with the “Report a Problem” feature, which allows the city to log problems in a clear and systematic way. Having set out to find a product that provides many forms of communication, Tucson’s Public Information Officer, Cristina Polsgrove states that the Recycle Coach’s My Waste technology is “a product that meets our needs.”


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