New Brunswick, NJ



The City of New Brunswick was hit with the biggest recorded snowstorm in January 2016, which led to an abrupt change in recycling collections. They needed a quick and efficient way to immediately inform their residents to take their recycling in from the curb and hold onto it until a special collection date a few days later when the snowstorm had passed.

A snowy residential street with recycling bins on the curb


Using instant push notifications from My Waste, an online and mobile application by Recycle Coach, the City of New Brunswick was able to quickly let their residents know via mobile app notifications that their regular recycling collection day was cancelled. Residents were also advised via the notification to “please utilize the special Saturday collection and tell your neighbors as well”.


Thanks to the My Waste app notification, residents became aware of the special collection date in due time and were able to respond accordingly. Additionally, as a result of encouraging residents to pass this message on to their neighbors who may not have had the app or heard about the emergency collection change, the City of New Brunswick experienced a 10% increase in new app downloads just for the month of January – connecting them with more residents.

  • Efficiently informed residents of an abrupt collection change
  • Increased My Waste app downloads by 10% in just one month
  • Connected with more residents


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