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The City of Launceston in Tasmania, Australia, recently signed up for Recycle Coach and needed a way to efficiently promote the app to their residents and start growing their user base.

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Using the marketing resources and support from Recycle Coach, the Waste Management Officer for the City of Launceston & Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group drafted a concise marketing launch plan for all the councils. This consisted of setting a budget and a common goal of using the Recycle Coach mobile app and web app “to improve community engagement with waste management in northern Tasmania to improve the use of existing and future services”.

The plan was implemented using a broad range of marketing mediums including nationwide radio broadcasting, word-of-mouth, printed posters, social media posts, and website ads from Recycle Coach’s Promotional Toolkit.


The City of Launceston was able to launch successfully to their 74,000 residents, gaining over 140 subscribers over the period of just 3 weeks. Due to their effective marketing efforts and leveraging Recycle Coach’s Promotional Toolkit, the number of users continue to grow steadily since launch.

  • Launched a successful marketing plan with the help of Recycle Coach’s free promotional resources
  • Significantly grew their Recycle Coach user base
  • Reached more residents


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