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With a student population of around 55,000 (more than half of its entire population), The City of College Station, TX, faced additional recycling and waste collection challenges relating to its influx of students each year. When students move out, excess garbage are left on curbs, recycling becomes contaminated rendering it noncollectable, and hazardous household waste such as oil and paint are not properly disposed of. Not only is this a big concern for the city but it also causes problems with property management.

It was also difficult to keep everyone educated on the city’s current recycling and waste collection schedules and policies since a large portion of the population is transient. Because of this challenge, city experienced excessive calls from residents calling about their collection schedules.

Students moving out and holding books and boxes


The City of College Station started promoting the My Waste app (by Recycle Coach) to its students to allow them to access their personalized collection schedules 24/7 and check how to correctly dispose of household items using the “What Goes Where?” tool.

By promoting it on social media, their local TV station, and at events during the move-in season where students frequented, they were able to gain a large user base to communicate with. They also sent notifications to remind residents of events such as hazardous waste drop offs, where they would be able to dispose of those items correctly.


The City of College Station noticed a change in people being more familiar with their collection schedules, which lead to a reduction of phone calls to the city. Residents were also more informed as to what they can and cannot recycle or put in the trash.

  • Used Recycle Coach technology to help the transient population become familiar with their collection schedules
  • Decreased the city’s inbound phone calls
  • Educated residents on how to properly dispose of household items


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