A customer service team

Doing more with less

With only a small group of dedicated staff, Frederick County, MD, turned to Recycle Coach to communicate with residents more effectively with minimal staff effort.

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Students holding books and cardboard moving boxes

Communicating with students

With a large student population, the City of College Station, TX, used Recycle Coach technology to help tackle the recycling and waste collection challenges associated with students moving out. Plus, the City was able to keep their transient population educated on current collection schedules and policies.

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A snowy residential road with recycling bins at the curb

Emergency notifications increased usage

When the City of New Brunswick, NJ, was hit with a snowstorm in January 2016, they turned to Recycle Coach technology to immediately inform their residents to take their recycling in from the curb. Because residents were advised to also ‘tell their neighbors’, the City experienced a 10% increase in new app downloads for that month.

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Girl using her smartphone on the couch

Relieving phone calls with better communication

Communicating the latest construction-related delays and schedule changes was hard enough, but with such a transitory population in the Town of Blacksburg, VA, the issue was beyond critical. They found Recycle Coach technology as the perfect solution which helped them relieve phone calls and keep residents informed.

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Hispanic woman on her smartphone

Connecting with the Hispanic community

The City of Tucson, AZ, recently launched a new expanded plastics recycling initiative but they were having particular problems reaching their Hispanic residents, who tend to connect through their smartphones instead of home computers. So they turned to Recycle Coach technology for help.

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Electronics such as printers stacked together

Reduced print costs, better attendance

Mercer County, NJ, successfully used Recycle Coach technology to educate residents about changes to New Jersey’s Electronics Waste Management Act without spending a lot of time or money.

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City of Palmdale accepting CalRecycle's award

Used oil collection increased 59%

The City of Palmdale, CA, needed a way to inform residents about a change to their street sweeping service and how this would affect them, including a rise in trash rates. They were able to use Recycle Coach technology to successfully communicate this to their residents and avert most criticism. CalRecycle singled out the City for innovation.

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Better communication in rural areas

The County of Kaua’i, HI, was using just the website to provide recycling and waste information to their residents. However, most of their residents in rural areas were simply using their smartphones to call to inquire about collection schedules. Therefore, they adopted Recycle Coach to effectively communicate with their residents without taking a lot of time away from their busy schedules.

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Two people at a cafe with their laptops and smartphones

Reaching more residents

The City of Launceston in Tasmania, Australia, recently signed up with Recycle Coach and needed a way to efficiently promote the app to their residents and start growing their user base. They took advantage of Recycle Coach’s free promotional toolkit and were able to launch successfully to their 74,000 residents.

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