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1. Our focus on education

It’s not just the variety of educational resources we provide for both residents and recycling coordinators (blog articles, webinars, white papers, etc.), but also the strategic thinking that goes into them.  The ‘What type of recycler are you?’ quiz is a good example; it has several important elements:

  • Shakes complacency – Quiz questions are designed to cause residents to second-guess their recycling IQ.
    Not only do residents find out if their answer was correct, they also get background information to help them understand – and remember – the preferred behavior; this combats the very real problem of contamination.
  • Builds subscriber list – A basic tenant of any successful educational program is ongoing communications, which requires subscriber acquisition strategies. The quiz asks the resident to provide their email address (with opt out options, of course).
  • Reinforcing behavior change – Residents in client municipalities receive follow-up emails containing reminders about the specific questions they answered incorrectly, ‘Where does it go?’ questions for materials often recycled improperly, and recycling tips.
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2. Our help with reaching more residents

Any successful outreach program needs to connect with more than just the residents visiting your website looking for specific information. Reaching more residents – and then converting them into subscribers – is a critical aspect of recycling EdTech. Nobody does this better than us thanks to the Recycle Coach website, mobile app, and our referral program that encourages residents to suggest Recycle Coach to friends and family in other municipalities.

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3. We maintain collection & event schedules

We know you’re busy, and we also know you may not get around to extending your pick-up schedules each year (which causes dissatisfaction and subscriber loss).  So, we do it for you.  Simple as that.  And each month you get an email showing you what holiday changes are scheduled in the next 90 days – so there are never any surprises.

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4. We maintain the 'What Goes Where?' database

This is the one thing many municipalities who have switched to Recycle Coach like the best.  Using national data on what residents are searching for, we continually update our search database and algorithm, so it keeps getting better – without you having to spend one second on it. Ever.

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5. Full marketing support

Helping our clients be successful is something we’re very passionate about.  It’s why we call our support team ‘Success Coaches’.  Most clients don’t have sufficient time or resources to launch successfully, and then implement local initiatives to grow their subscriber base.  We help them with this, offering ‘best practices’ information, materials, templates, a “how to get started” video for residents, and expertise.

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6. Free Inform account

We believe budget should not be a barrier for municipalities to educate more of their residents – that’s why offer everyone the opportunity to sign up for a free account. You can keep the free account forever or upgrade to premium features as the demand for more services grows within your community.

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7. No long-term commitment

We are confident you will be happy with our services so we do not lock you in any type of contract. You can cancel whenever you want, with no fees and no hassle.

Recycle Coach was so impressive we jumped on the opportunity to team up instead of waiting for the next fiscal year.    

Gilbert Villalpando
Management Specialist

La Quinta, California

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